Antarctica Sea Ice Hits Annual Peak, a Record Low


Earlier this year it was clear Antarctic sea ice levels were low. Now, as the continent enters spring, it’s obvious that “it’s a really exceptional year.”

Flood Threats Are Rising. Here’s Where People Are Moving Into Harm’s Way.


Rapid development along coasts and rivers has increased flood exposure worldwide, particularly in South and East Asia, a study found.

In Shipping, a Push to Slash Emissions by Harnessing the Wind


More ships are running on wind power, as the global industry tries to fight climate change. One concept has backing from Abba, the Swedish pop stars.

Arizona to End Water Leases to Saudi-Owned Alfalfa Farm


The farm grows alfalfa for export to Saudi Arabia, where it’s fed to dairy cows. But the farm’s water use had come under scrutiny.

Climate Change Is a Key Obstacle for New York City’s Transit System


The M.T.A. released a report on Wednesday that aimed to detail the greatest needs over the next two decades of the city’s aging transit system.

High Fall Temperatures to Drop, With Cold and Frost Forecast in Eastern U.S.


The fall season has been off to a late start in the central and Northeastern United States, but chilly air this weekend could be a jolt, especially to those who endured a sweltering summer.

Dozens of Amazon River Dolphins Found Dead in Brazil


The carcasses of at least 125 Amazon river dolphins have been found floating or beached after temperatures in Lake Tefé, Brazil, reached a staggering 39.1 degrees Celsius.

Pope Francis Implores the World to Save a Planet Near ‘the Breaking Point’


Eight years after his landmark letter on humanity’s obligation to protect the environment, Francis warns that there is still a lot to be done, and quickly.

Map: Wildfire Smoke From Canada Creates Unhealthy Air Quality in Florida


Moderate to unhealthy air quality was being reported across the state on Tuesday as smoke filtered down to the surface.

The climate crisis is also a health crisis


Rising global temperatures are undoing hard-earned progress.

Athens Democracy Forum: Local Forces Are Leading the Way in the Global Warming Crisis


With central democratic institutions falling short on climate solutions, grassroots efforts are filling some of the gaps. But would autocracies do a better job?

Wildfires: How to Travel Safely as the Climate Changes


Climate change has made wildfires a year-round threat to travelers. Here’s how to minimize your risk, and what to do if you’re in the path of a fire.

Wildfires in Canada Bringing Hazy Skies Over New York, Other Regions


The impact on air quality was expected to be mild, officials said. Other cities also registered moderate air quality readings.

After Intense Floods, New York City Lurches Back to Life


The city’s transit systems had resumed service, with some delays, as the rain abated on Saturday. The governor warned that climate change was making severe storms more common.

Biden’s Ambitious Plan for Lead Pipe Removal Faces Hurdles


A string of unexpected impediments could delay the administration’s timeline on an issue that is central to its effort to address racial disparities.

Why Smaller Storms Are Growing More Fearsome, More Often


The Friday storm that produced vast flooding in New York City started out earlier in the week as an unremarkable — if unpredictable — weather system.

Biden Administration Offers Fewest Offshore Oil and Gas Leases in History


A new plan to sell offshore drilling rights will be limited to three spots, all in the Gulf of Mexico.

New Orleans Seeks to Avert Crisis as Saltwater Nears the City


A saltwater wedge is moving up the drought-drained Mississippi River, threatening public health in New Orleans and beyond.

Worried About Living in a Flood Zone? Try a House That Floats.


Eventually, coastal cities threatened with rising tides and bigger storms could use not just the waterfront, but also the water, as places to build housing.

Grilling the world’s biggest meat producer


Brazil’s JBS produces 32 billion pounds of animal products a year.

Biden Said He Would Stop Drilling. Then Reality Hit.


The tug of war over one drilling lease in the Gulf of Mexico involving the president, Congress and the courts illustrates the limits of executive power.

Quebec Lures $5 Billion Battery Factory for Electric Cars


The Canadian government matched financial incentives available in the U.S. to attract the investment from Northvolt, a Swedish company.

How to Navigate the Unpredictability of Travel in the Age of Climate Change


Climate change upheavals brought on a season of extremes for travelers in the U.S., Europe and beyond. One thing is clear: Travel is changing.

Want to Spur Green Energy in Wyoming? Aim for the Billionaires.


One man’s quest to lure climate investment from the wealthy enclave of Jackson underscores how the climate law works: It runs on rich people.