Watch Rare Siamese Crocodiles Hatching


The largest population of the endangered Siamese crocodiles this century hatched in Cambodia, a big moment for the conservation of a wild species once on the brink of extinction.

Are China’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Plateauing?


Analysts are seeing promising signs from the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases.

‘My Property, My Trees’: New Tree-Cutting Law Divides N.Y. Town


A Westchester County suburb updated its law about tree removals from yards, upsetting tree advocates, who want stricter rules, and residents who don’t want to be told what to do.

What’s Greenest and Cleanest When Nature Calls?


Conventional toilet paper has a big environmental impact. We’ve got the lowdown on alternatives, from bamboo tissue to bidets.

How a School Bus Electrified a Reporter’s Hometown


Dionne Searcey traveled to Wymore, Neb., where she grew up, to learn about some residents’ resistance to a new battery-powered bus.

The White House Has a Plan to Slash Plastic Use in the U.S.


The government said it would phase out its purchases of single-use plastics, a significant step because it is the biggest buyer of consumer goods in the world.

Solving Problems With Susan Solomon


She played a crucial role in fixing the ozone hole, and has thoughts on climate change.

Ford Plans More Gas Trucks, Fewer Electric Vehicles


Ford, General Motors and other automakers are slowing investments in electric vehicles and doubling down on more profitable gasoline cars and trucks.

U.K. Climate Change Committee Urges Speed in Cutting Emissions


A report by a government body that oversees efforts to reduce greenhouse gases will help underpin the Labour Party’s plans to accelerate renewable energy and other measures.

Amtrak Passengers Face Record Delays From Extreme Weather


The dated U.S. rail infrastructure is struggling to stay operational as climate change accelerates and intense heat waves, downpours and high winds become more frequent.

New York City Bill Would Mandate Air-Conditioning for Tenants


Landlords have to keep tenants warm in the winter, but can leave them sweating in the summer. A city councilman wants to change that.

Vineyard Wind Turbine Breaks a Blade, Sending Pieces Ashore on Nantucket


It’s unclear why a blade from one of the Vineyard Wind turbines broke into pieces, which are washing up on Nantucket beaches.

Fact-Checking the Republican National Convention on Energy Claims


Several speakers focused on the sharp rise in gas and electricity prices under President Biden. We scrutinized their statements.

Climate and the Republican Convention


Here’s where the party stands on global warming, energy and the environment.

After Beryl Hit Houston, Some Consider Leaving


Devastating, back-to-back power outages have led some in Houston to consider whether they want to stay in the city they love.

What Trump 2.0 Could Mean for the Environment


If Donald Trump returns to the White House, he would likely face fewer legal and bureaucratic obstacles to dramatically remake the E.P.A.

Oil Companies Are Thriving as the World Pushes for Clean Energy


High prices and growing demand have helped U.S. oil producers take in record profits despite global efforts to spur greater use of renewable energy and electric cars.

It May Feel Like 100 Degrees in New York on Tuesday


The hot spell will continue until Thursday, officials predict, and the city and surrounding areas were placed under a heat advisory.

J.D. Vance Is an Oil Booster and Doubter of Human-Caused Climate Change


He once said society had a climate problem but changed his position sharply while seeking Donald Trump’s endorsement in his Senate race.

At the Republican National Convention, Climate Change Isn’t a Problem


As the event opens with a focus on energy, former President Trump and other leaders are calling for more oil, gas and coal development.

Sizzling Day in North Dakota? Lately, Amid Widespread Heat, It’s No Surprise.


At a county fair near Fargo, many residents shrugged off the heat, at least for one day.

To Protect Against Wildfires, Insurers Try to Change Construction Standards


Property insurers are trying to force changes in construction standards that they say are necessary to protect against wildfires.

Electric Vehicles May Become Harder to Rent


Rental car firms are offering temporary deals on electric cars, which they are selling after they lost value more quickly than expected.