Flaco’s Crash Might Have Been More Than Bad Luck. Here’s What We Know.


Buildings are a huge danger for birds. They also face other risks, including poisoning that can cloud their brains.

I Spent a Week Rescuing Food From the Trash. Here’s What I Ate.


A climate-conscious reporter tried an app that connects eaters and surplus restaurant food. She got bargains, no booze and some pleasant surprises.

Disasters Forced 2.5 Million Americans From Their Homes Last Year


Many of those displaced also reported food shortages and predatory scams, according to new data from the Census Bureau.

Here’s Where the Inflation Reduction Act Is Working, and Where It’s Falling Short


Electric vehicles are booming as expected, a new analysis found, but renewable power isn’t growing as quickly as hoped.

The Farming Conundrum


Agriculture is a big contributor to climate change — is there a path to reinvention?

Courts Give States New Power to Protect Groundwater


In the space of a few weeks, judges in Idaho, Nevada and Montana have altered the landscape for conserving dwindling aquifers.

Climate Change Is Raising Texas’ Already High Wildfire Risks


The Smokehouse Creek fire is a sign of more to come. Property insurers in Texas are already responding.

Why Leap Day Is Really About Party Planning


Judah Levine, top time researcher, explains how Feb. 29 was invented to keep the major holidays from colliding.

N.Y. State Sues JBS, the Brazilian Beef Giant, Over Its Climate Claims


The lawsuit says the meatpacking company has made a series of misleading statements about its environmental efforts.

These Cities Aren’t Banning Meat. They Just Want You to Eat More Plants.


Meat and dairy production are linked to emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

3-D Data of Alcatraz Island Is Captured by Experts for Map


The former prison known as the Rock faces seismic activity, climate change and general deterioration. A wondrous new map could help save it.

In Chicago, It’s Summer in February


An unseasonably warm winter peaked on Tuesday with melting ice rinks and 70-degree weather. Temperatures will plummet from there, but even so, this winter without winter has left some people rattled.

Scientists Are Freaking Out About Ocean Temperatures


“It’s like an omen of the future.”

North Carolina ‘Forever Chemical’ Plant Violates Human Rights, U.N. Panel Says


The allegations of human rights violations linked to pollution from the factory broadens a yearslong battle over the site and over the chemicals known as PFAS.

Why Is Mercury Stubbornly High in Tuna? Researchers Might Have an Answer.


Old accumulations of the toxic metal in the deep sea are circulating into shallower waters where the fish feed, new research found.

Discover Dominica’s Secret Garden of Waterfalls and Hot Springs Before Everyone Does


Dominica, a remote Caribbean island, enchants with its waterfalls, hot springs and hummingbirds. But a new airport and more tourists could tame its wildness.

A Doctor’s Lifelong Quest to Solve One of Pediatric Medicine’s Greatest Mysteries


For 40 years, Dr. Jane Burns has been working to find the cause of Kawasaki disease, an illness that can lead to aneurysms and heart attacks. Her work has brought together a most unlikely team.

Can-Am Crown Sled Dog Race: Lack of Snow Forces Cancellation


The decision to call off the Can-Am Crown International Sled Dog Race for the first time since its inception three decades ago was a matter of safety, organizers said.

Your Inhalers and EpiPens Aren't Very Healthy for the Environment


For eco-conscious consumers of personal medical devices, recycling options are limited. Some companies are trying to change that.

Can You Recycle Medical Devices Like Insulin Pens, Inhalers and Covid Tests?


Inhalers, EpiPens, home tests for flu or Covid, mouth guards. They accumulate in our homes, and recycling methods and advice can be tricky to pin down.

Farmers Clash With Police and Macron at Paris Agricultural Fair


At the annual show where the French countryside comes to the capital, President Emmanuel Macron’s efforts to calm a monthlong confrontation were met with anger.

Biden to End an Unpopular Fuel Ban in Eight Farm States


The administration will scrap summertime restrictions on gas blended with ethanol, which is made from corn.

Why Oil Stocks Aren’t That Hot


We explore some of the patterns investors track to help understand what they show.