‘Build Back Better’ Hit a Wall, but Climate Action Could Move Forward


Some Democrats want to forge ahead with a stand-alone climate bill, but their solution could mean abandoning other parts of President Biden’s agenda.

Here’s What Scientists Know About the Tonga Volcano Eruption


The explosion probably won’t cool the planet as some previous eruptions have done, but it could affect weather in the short term.

New Research Shows How Health Risks to Children Mount as Temperatures Rise


The first nationwide study on rising temperatures and younger Americans found that hotter days were associated with more visits to emergency rooms.

A Trove of Old Photos Could Reveal the Future of These Arctic Glaciers


The Svalbard Islands, part of Norway, are warming seven times faster than the global average. Aerial pictures from the 1930s are helping researchers understand what that means for the region’s ice.

Sometimes, Life Stinks. So He Invented the Nasal Ranger.


For Chuck McGinley, an engineer who devised the go-to instrument for measuring odors, helping people understand what they smell is serious science.

The Science of Climate Change Explained: Facts, Evidence and Proof


Definitive answers to the big questions.

Predictions Favored Solar Over Wind Power. What Happened?


One lesson: Renewable technology benefits from early, consistent government support.

What We Know About the Tonga Volcano


The explosion probably won’t cool the planet as some previous eruptions have done, but its effects could be felt around the world in other ways.

Biden Administration Announces Plan to Spend Billions to Prevent Wildfires


The plan is an expensive one, but it is only partially funded.

Exxon Sets a 2050 Goal for Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions


The target does not account for the climate impact of its customers and suppliers, leaving the company lagging the commitments of some of its rivals.

Mexico Is Buying a Texas Oil Refinery in a Quest for Energy Independence


President López Obrador wants to halt most oil exports and imports of gasoline and other fuels. Critics say he is reneging on Mexico’s climate change commitments.

Storm Moves Into the Northeast After Heavy Snow in the South


The system spawned tornadoes in Florida and knocked out power to nearly 200,000 customers in the Southeast. It could bring a foot or more of snow to western Pennsylvania and northern New York State.

As Infrastructure Money Flows, Wastewater Improvements Are Key


The new law allocates $11.7 billion for wastewater and stormwater projects. Will it get to the impoverished communities who need it most?

We Mapped a Year of Extreme Weather


The Times analyzed temperature data from weather stations across the United States. The result: 2021 was a huge year for records, both high and low.

Don’t Just Watch: Team Behind ‘Don’t Look Up’ Urges Climate Action


The satirical film about a comet hurtling toward Earth is a metaphor for climate change. It has broken a Netflix record and its director hopes it will mobilize public action.

Is Norway the Future of Cars?


The speed by which electric vehicles have taken over Norway has stunned even the cars’ enthusiasts.

2021 Was Earth’s Fifth-Hottest Year, Scientists Say


The finding, by European researchers, fits a clear warming trend: The seven hottest years on record have been the past seven.

The World Has Changed. So Has ‘52 Places.’


Our annual list of destinations to visit this year looks at spots where visitors can be part of the solution to problems like overtourism and climate change.

U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Bounced Back Sharply in 2021


Emissions rose 6 percent last year after a record 10 percent decline in 2020, fueled by a rise in coal power and truck traffic as the U.S. economy rebounded from the pandemic.

Finding a Story by Asking ‘Really Dumb Questions’


The climate reporter Somini Sengupta on her inspiration for becoming a journalist, finding ideas and unwinding.