Biden Crafts a Climate Plan B: Tax Credits, Regulation and State Action


The new strategy could deeply cut greenhouse gases that are heating the planet but it will still face considerable political, logistical and legal hurdles.

Climate Change Poses a Widening Threat to National Security


Intelligence and defense agencies issued reports warning that the warming planet will increase strife between countries and spur migration.

How Russia Is Cashing In on Climate Change


Global warming may pose grave dangers around the world, but as one tiny Russian town on the Arctic Ocean shows, it can also be a ticket to prosperity.

El Niño and La Niña, Explained


If you’re wondering why scientists and weather forecasters are talking about these phenomena, we have some answers, including how they got their names.

As Manchin Blocks Climate Plan, His State Can’t Hold Back Floods


As the senator thwarts Democrats’ major push to reduce warming, new data shows West Virginia is more exposed to worsening floods than anywhere else in the country.

The Science of Climate Change Explained: Facts, Evidence and Proof


Definitive answers to the big questions.

Please Don’t Feed the Whale Sharks? Fishing Town Says It Must, to Prosper.


The chance to swim with the world’s biggest fish drew tourists to a Philippines town, but conservation groups denounce the hand-feeding that keeps the gentle creatures around.

Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, 59, Dies; Linked Weather Disasters to Climate Change


With a colleague, he founded a group that quickly analyzes heat waves and other extreme events for signs of global warming’s influence.

Coal Stocks Rise, Even as the Planet Warms


As the prospects for strong government action to curb climate change grow less certain, energy shares, and especially coal mining stocks, are generating astonishing returns.

The Hedge Fund Manager Who Dumped the Trump SPAC


The investor Boaz Weinstein moved to abandon a blank-check fund that announced a deal with the former president.

Searching for Australia’s Climate Tipping Point


The world, and most Australians, are increasingly disappointed by Australia’s lackluster approach to addressing climate change.

Jane Goodall’s Hopeful Survival Guide for Humans


The 87-year-old conservationist, best known for her work with chimpanzees, has written a hopeful survival guide for Homo sapiens.

U.S. Warns Climate Poses ‘Emerging Threat’ to Financial System


A Financial Stability Oversight Council report could lead to more regulatory action and disclosure requirements for banks.

Diane Weyermann, Executive Who Championed ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ Dies at 66


A former public interest lawyer, she oversaw this and many other documentaries that addressed urgent social issues.

La Niña Weather Pattern Likely to Prolong Western Drought, NOAA Says


The climate pattern may also bring some relief to Northern California and the Pacific Northwest this winter.

Tuskless Elephants Escape Poachers, but May Evolve New Problems


Scientists identified the genes that played a role in many female elephants of Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park being born without tusks.

Why Australia Won’t Commit to Slashing Carbon Emissions


The country has fallen behind other developed nations in its commitment to slashing carbon emissions. Neither fires nor international pressure has pushed it away from coal and other fossil fuels.

Biden’s Climate Plan Stymied by 1 Senator


Joe Manchin is a crucial vote and is firmly against a clean electricity program that is the muscle behind the president’s plan to battle climate change.

Fossil Fuel Drilling Plans Undermine Climate Pledges, U.N. Report Warns


Countries are planning to produce more than twice as much oil, gas and coal through 2030 as would be needed if governments want to limit global warming to Paris Agreement goals.

Putin Won’t Go to Glasgow for Climate Conference


President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia may make a speech by video at the United Nations summit, which is seen as pivotal in efforts to stem climate change.

Heavy Rains in India and Nepal Kill Dozens


The death toll continued to rise on Wednesday as landslides and flooding damaged homes and stranded thousands of people.

As Drought Conditions Worsen, California Expands State of Emergency


Gov. Gavin Newsom said it was critical for residents to step up their water-saving efforts as the state ends its second-driest year on record.

How a Single Senator Derailed Biden’s Climate Plan


The centerpiece of the president’s environmental agenda has fallen apart because of the objections of a single senator.

Britain Outlines Energy Plans Amid Dimming Prospects for Climate Summit


In an effort to recapture momentum, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a host of measures, including plans for a big expansion of electric vehicles, more offshore wind power and greater use of hydrogen.

A Warning That Africa’s Last Glaciers Will Soon Vanish


While African nations contribute less than 4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, a U.N. report underscored the outsize impact that climate change is having on the continent.

Climate Exhibitions Look Beyond Declarations of Calamity


From Alaska to California, museums are less interested in adding to the terror than furthering the connection to the planet.

On a Pacific Island, Russia Tests Its Battle Plan for Climate Change


President Vladimir V. Putin long dismissed the threat posed by global warming. But fires, disasters and foreign pressure have prompted him to change course.

Beef and Climate Change: This Seattle Steakhouse Wants to Be Part of the Solution


Bateau aims to reinvent the steak restaurant by showing how to sidestep the waste and environmental damage caused by the meat industry.

In Sonoma County, ‘Regenerative Agriculture’ Is the Next Big Thing


Carbon sequestration, pollinator habitat restoration and simple composting: An increasing number of the region’s winegrowers are going beyond sustainability. Here’s how to see, and taste, the fruits of their labors.

What Is COP26 and Why Is the Climate Change Summit Important?


Some 20,000 people are preparing to attend climate talks hosted by the United Nations starting at the end of the month. Here are some key facts to know before they go.

A Taste for Pangolin Meat and the Fall of an African Wildlife Cartel


Yunhua Lin and associates had turned Malawi into an ivory, rhino horn and pangolin scale trafficking hub. His prison sentence could aid the fight against poaching.

A Move to Rein In Cancer-Causing ‘Forever Chemicals’


Michael Regan, the E.P.A. administrator, wants to limit a class of chemicals that has been linked to cancer and is found in everything from drinking water to furniture.